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I received a wrong item, what should I do?

I received a wrong item, what should I do ?

We ship thousands of packages a day, but from time to time, we make some mistakes.. we are human 🫀
In these cases, don't worry, we'll send you the missing item for free, here's how:

ℹ️ Click here to request assistance for a wrong item

💡 Trust me, if you have received something missing we will find the solution
The form above will ask you for information and images, follow the entire procedure and we will reply and solve the problem as soon as possible

🆘 Have you already sent an assistance request?
Please, we have received your request and will respond as soon as possible, sending message after message will only cause confusion
wait for the reply to your first message, it will arrive soon, I promise!

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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