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Where can I find the tracking of my order?

Where can I find the tracking of my order ?

The tracking code relating to your shipment is sent, at the time of shipment, to the e-mail address with which you made the purchase.

Also check your junk mail and spam, if you don't find it, fill out the form on the Contacts page (click here) indicating the problem, one of our operators will give you every information you need.

🚚 Tracking not active

We send the email with the tracking immediately after collection by the courier, but the tracking may still be not active
Each courier has activation times, just check back after a couple of hours and it will definitely work 💪🚚

🆘 Have you already sent an assistance request?

🙏 Please, we have received your request and will respond as soon as possible, sending message after message will only cause confusion
wait for the reply to your first message, it will arrive soon, I promise!

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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