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Why don't you accept the cash on delivery?

Why don't you accept Cash on Delivery? :

In December 2021 we decided to deactivate this payment method following an ever-increasing number of unjustified refusals of packages sent with the cash on delivery payment method.

Storage, return of the goods and outward shipment generated unsustainable and unjustified costs.

Contrary to popular belief, Cash on Delivery is not a safe method of purchase. Stories of 🧱 in the parcels we have heard many...
Methods like paypal and stripe are by far safer and more guaranteed for a long time.

🔐 Security on
We are members of AICEL (Italian Association of Electronic Commerce), and we have been granted the SonoSicuro certificate

The SonoSicuro shop has been checked and certified by AICEL and can display the [SonoSicuro] brand ( ) which contains a unique and unique identification number.
The certificate is issued after more than 180 checks, not bought but conquered. Only 40% of the applicants obtained the certificate.

👌🏻 has the Certificate of the Italian Electronic Commerce Association ??
Yes, and we are proud of it. You can check our certificate here:

🫂 While here we tell you Who We Are:

Feel free to contact us for any information or doubt.

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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