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I want to cancel my Account

I want to cancel my Account

No problem, alberoshop adheres 100% to all the rules of the GDPR
although we are very sorry that you no longer want to be part of the alberoshop family, you can proceed with the cancellation in total autonomy by logging into your account (Privacy Settings section) or simply contact customer assistance using the form on the Contact page requesting cancellation of the your account.

Account cancellation info

Your request to remove your account, together with all your personal data, will be processed by our staff.
Deleting your account will remove all purchase history, discounts, orders, invoices, and any other information that may be related to your account or purchases.
All your orders and similar information will be lost.
You will not be able to restore access to your account after we approve your removal request.

We remind you that before deleting your account, perhaps, you can make it anonymous

We have introduced a feature on the site whereby you can anonymise your account: Anonymizing your personal data means that it will be replaced with anonymous non-personal information and before that you will receive your new login to your email address (your password will remain the itself). After this process, your email address and all other personal data will be removed from the website.

Downloading your data

Before deleting or anonymizing your account, you can download all data and keep it.
The function is always present in your Account (Privacy Settings section)

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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